Friday, May 15, 2009


Olympics Threaten Collins Gym
Newstip Date: 05-08-2009

[UPDATE: Chicago 2016 has cancelled its participation in the Lawndale town hall meeting - see Newstips 2.0.]

Will the 2016 Olympics force students in North Lawndale to give up their only high school gymnasium?

That's one of the questions to be raised Tuesday, when representatives of Chicago 2016 and No Games Chicago meet publicly for the first time on a panel at a town hall sponsored by the Lawndale Alliance.

Lawndale residents only recently learned that Olympics planners intend to demolish the gymnasium of the Collins high school campus to make room for a $37 million, 6,000-seat indoor bicycle track in Douglas Park, said Valerie Leonard of the Lawndale Alliance.

The Collins school building, which houses the Collins Academy High School and a campus of North Lawndale College Prep, is the only building in North Lawndale that was built as a high school, Leonard said. Other high schools in the community share campuses with grammar schools and use park facilities for physical education and sports.

"When push comes to shove, it's never the kids' interests that come first," she said. She's concerned that, with sanctions recently threatened for the struggling North Lawndale College Prep, the high school building itself could be in jeopardy.

Chicago 2016 did not respond to a request for comment.

Chicago 2016 neighborhood director Arnold Randall will join Tom Tresser of No Games Chicago and 24th Ward Alderwoman Sharon Dixon at the Lawndale town hall meeting, Tuesday, May 12, 6 to 8 p.m. at Dvorak School, 3615 W. 16th.

The Olympics town hall is the first of three planned for this month by the Lawndale Alliance. On Tuesday, May 19, representatives of local nonprofits will discuss the foreclosure crisis and what the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program will mean for the community. On the next Tuesday, May 26, Leonard will give a report from available information on the seven TIFs impacting North Lawndale.

After agreeing to participate in the town hall meetings, the city's Department of Community Development recently cancelled its participation, Leonard said.
More Info:

Valerie F. Leonard at Lawndale Alliance, 773-521-3137


May 11th, 2009

After confirming their participation last month, Chicago 2016 called this morning to withdraw from tomorrow night’s Lawndale Alliance town meeting on the Olympics, organizer Valerie Leonard said. The group’s neighborhood director Arnold Randall was to have appeared with a representative of No Games Chicago for the first time. (See Friday’s Newstip for background.)

The Olympics organization said it would only participate in meetings sponsored by the Chicago Park District in conjunction with the Douglas Park Advisory Council, Leonard reported in a statement.

She said the most recent Douglas Park council meeting included no members of the council, a handful of North Lawndale residents, and a large contingent of bicyclists from outside the community pushing to make the proposed Olympic velodrome a permanent bicycling facility. She said Lawndale residents spoke in favor of using the facility for “sports that are more culturally relevant to the current population.”


Anonymous said...

That school was a dump anyway, on academic probation every year.

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Arlene Jones said...

To Anonymous 9:29 am. So the children lose their gym to assate the appetite of the mayor for an olympics? No wonder the young people are so full of hate.

Arlene Jones said...

To anonymous 9:34am. I have been the same weight for the past 10 years. Still wear size 12 - 14. I look nothing like Julia Hudson. And I stand nude in front of the mirror everyday.