Wednesday, May 27, 2009

White America - Minority America Has Been A Complete Stranger To You

When Barack Obama ran for office, certain things happened that is so every day in Black America are so completely different in White America.

For example, President Obama used the word "sweetie" when speaking with a reporter. It caused a minor controversy. But "sweetie" is used by many in the black community to be warmer than sir or mam, but not necessary an intimate comment or a derogatory one.

I find myself using it a lot when I speak to young people. I can almost 100% of the time get a positive response from them using that approach. Especially in light of the fact that many of the street kids hear so much negativity, that when that small amount of kindness is shown, they respond to it.

Or the fist bump. Sadly most of mainstream white America was so unfamiliar with it that it was foolishly called a "terrorist pump".

I have written in the past about the black community propensity for "reverse logic". Using it can at time lead to warp perceptions if one is not familiar with the black lexicon.

For example, a "bad" dress is not really ugly. It's actually nice. Or using the word "nasty" to mean that you don't like the food item as opposed to meaning that there is something physically wrong with the food.

Does Sonia Sotomayor experiece as a Newyorkrican give her a different outlook? Yes. From the music to growing up, it will not be the Leave It To Beaver lifestyle that she experienced.

We cannot have multiple Americas and then believe that those experiences won't reflect in how we think and see things. And for all the controversies about her "Latina making a better decision than a white man", she married and dated white. So her feet are in that world a lot more than some want to admit.

One of the best examples of that was years ago when two teachers; one black and one white; watching two black youths engage in a confrontation. They were face to face, shouting, cussing and threatening to do everything under the sun to each other. When the two were escorted to the office at the school, the white teacher said they were fighting the black teacher said they weren't fighting. The difference? In black America we don't consider it a fight until a punch is thrown.

I think the same can be said about spanking, where white America is totally opposed to it and black America doesn't see a problem with it.

I still want to hear and see more from her answering some questions that I find important, like: Immigration... Job Outsourcing...Affirmative Action...Eminent Domain... 2nd Amendment...14th Amendment... and on and on.

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