Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Embarassment To Society

And what did the OBAMA T-SHIRT have to do will all of this????? He didn't GIVE IT TO THEM, SELL IT TO THEM OR IS EVEN MAKING A PENNY OFF OF IT.

Three bank robbery suspects who police say took them on a wild chase on the Bishop Ford Expressway Tuesday and allegedly took part in a shootout that injured a Calumet City police officer were brought to federal court in Chicago today to face bank robbery and gun charges.

One suspect appeared in court with a blood-soaked bandage after being shot himself. Another wore a President Obama T-shirt in court that read: "The Greatest Dream has come true." All three suspects -- Harvel Harris, 19, of Harvey, Antonio Pickens, 19 and Leandre Earl, 30, both of Matteson -- were ordered held without bail pending a hearing next week.

The three men were charged in Tuesday's holdup of a Citibank branch at River Oaks Mall in the south suburb. They're accused of stealing $23,174 before making off in a four-door Cadillac.

The Cadillac blew a tire and crashed at 130th, near Beaubien Woods Forest Preserve and the adjacent Carver Military Academy High School. Authorities say the suspects jumped out and shot one of the officers, who was wounded in the leg.

Pickens was arrested near the crash scene. The other suspects were captured within hours.

Earl was allegedly hiding in a swamp as a helicopter circled overhead. Earl, who suffered a bullet wound, came to court dressed with a white bandage with blood visibly soaked through. He wore jeans and a yellow hospital gown with no shirt underneath.

Harris came to court wearing the Obama T-shirt -- the same one authorities said he'd just bought at a liquor store before being captured by police.

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