Saturday, May 23, 2009


See how stupid the village idiot can be! Now every neighborhood will be turning on every single fire hydrant and responsible adults can't even tell the fools that do it to go to the beach since the hours are now from 11:00 until 7:00.

I want the mayor to restrict his mayoring to the same hours. After 7:00 every night he loses police protection and any other perks. Let's reduce his hours and his salary. Maybe even to a part time job. I bet Rio de Janiero Brazil is sending out twitter messages that they're ocean beaches don't close down at 7 pm.

Maybe I'll call for the first ever Chicago Beach In. On a really hot day, the entire city will swarm to the lakefront. Oh wait, that is already cone. It's called the air and water show. That normally starts at 9:00 am. OMG, they're going to have to cut the time on the show because you can't have different rules for different events. If Chicagoans who live and pay taxes here 365/24/7 have limited access, then by golly everybody else should have it as well! And it's time to make people carry ID showing that they live in Chicago before they can take up space on our beaches!

And this has made me so mad that I'm cussing. Remember this come February, 2011 when the moron wants to be reelected to office!
Cutbacks and higher fees mark return to beach
Fees for lakefront fun are climbing in some suburbs as the city cuts its swimming hours to trim lifeguard costs
By James Janega

Tribune reporter

May 23, 2009

Nothing beats a cheap day at the beach.

But in a sour economy, some local beaches are cutting back hours and others are not so cheap.

Chicago has reduced its beach swimming hours by 30 percent, citing the cost of lifeguards.

Some North Shore towns are reacting to higher demand by adding lifeguards or expanding beach swimming areas -- but they're also charging non-resident visitors more.

Which adds up to an overcast outlook at the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of the beach season.

The Chicago Park District will save $700,000 over the summer by trimming hours for the city's 800 or so lifeguards, said Park District spokeswoman Marta Juaniza. Lifeguard times will be 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. instead of 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Swimmers face fines if they enter the water when lifeguards are not present.

Chicago's approach is unique for a major city and is "manifestly unwise," warned U.S. Lifesaving Association President B. Chris Brewster.

"The reason you've had lifeguards providing services at the time they have is because that's when history shows they're needed," he said. "The failure or absence of lifeguards means potentially death or serious injury. It's a bit unrealistic to expect that laws are going to resolve your public safety problems."

Juaniza said Park District statistics show the eliminated beach hours came at times when people weren't swimming, anyway.

"We did do the research and discovered a lot of people weren't coming to the beach until noon," Juaniza said.

Chicago expects 20 million visitors to its lakefront path and beaches this season, and opened a new beach Friday at 39th Street.

Beaches in Lake Forest and Wilmette are under increasing demand, and that has prompted those communities to change policies.

To pay for its increasingly burdened lifeguard staff, Lake Forest will charge a $10 flat fee to non-residents, officials say. It used to be free.

And this summer, Wilmette's Gillson Park is adding two more lifeguard chairs to a popular beach that keeps expanding southward. Fees also went up by 5 percent for residents and non-residents, said Kathy Bingham, Wilmette superintendent of recreation.

Along with shorter hours and higher fees, area beachgoers face the annual concern over high bacteria levels and closings.

Among the factors that contribute to beach closings are rainy weather, in which water runoff gathers pet waste and bird droppings to feed bacterial colonies in the lake, said U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regional beach program manager Holly Wirick. Other factors include the heavy presence of birds, trash, warmer water and beach shape.

Some beaches seem prone to closings. Of last season's 37 closings in Chicago, Park District records show Montrose Avenue Beach was closed 10 times, followed by 31st Street and Rainbow Beaches with four closings each.

Swim bans due to high bacterial counts have increased in recent years, Wirick said. So has monitoring, which in many cases has increased from once a week to five to seven days a week. But confirmation of dangerous bacterial counts takes 18 to 24 hours, meaning that swim bans are instituted a day too late and often unnecessarily, critics say.

In an attempt to detect problems more promptly, beaches in Lake County began in 2005 to also use SwimCast, a system that tracks lake conditions such as temperature, current and rainfall to flag situations in which bacteria flourish. Swim bans are then ordered immediately.

It's right more than 85 percent of the time, said Wirick. Similar models are in use in Ohio and Indiana, and a related software tool tested in Wisconsin last year soon will be available to beach managers around the Great Lakes, she said.

One of the next to use SwimCast will be Chicago. The city this year will collect data to make the system reliable at 63rd Street Beach, Juaniza said. But it will take at least a season of readings before officials start making closures based on the data.


Rudy said...

Regardless of beach hours, fire hydrants will still be opened. :(

Daley and Stroger will win re-election because:

[Via the Chicago Reader Blogs: Clout City

This is also a reply to the Collins' School Gym too.

This isn't mine, but because it bluntly expresses what I've been saying for years, I included it below:]

poor baby
April 24th - 12:01 a.m.

"Can you blame black folks like Jones trying to get a few kickbacks for themselves when they've been continually screwed over for the entirety of this city's history?"

Did you type that with a straight face?

Because you've got to be joking.

'black folks'?

Here's some serious racism, buddy, racism practiced by black folks on black folks:

1. Black gangsters, committing every conceivable variation of crime upon other black folks.

2. Black 'preachers' constantly pounding it into the heads of their congregations that they, the black 'preachers', are the only people looking out for black folks.

3. Black politicians, whether elected, employed, appointed, contracted, connected or 'community leadership' scammers, all conspiring to present themselves as the only hope that black folks have of ever 'getting their piece of the pie'.

4. Black property owners actively conspiring with other black, brown yellow and white property owners to milk the taxpayers via their over priced and under maintained slum rentals.

5. Black businessmen and women who refuse to invest in the black communities, for all of the obvious reasons.

6. Black politicians deliberately neglecting their own constituents, for the sole purpose of keeping their voters down, and almost out, as a dumb and poor electorate can't see through these politicians' bullshit anywhere near as well as an educated, hard working, tax paying, intelligent electorate can.

7. Black 'leadership' which has deliberately practiced divide and conquer techniques amongst their own people, thwarting every honest black community leaders' attempts to unify this city's black population, said population which has more than enough voters to not only oust their plantation style alderfucks, but the mayor, and the horses' asses he rode in on.

8. Black self styled intellectuals, using what little brains they have, to 'move on up, and out' of the neighborhoods in which they were born, and believing, with some factual reasons, that the many they leave behind are really too fucking stupid to bother caring about.

Rudy said...

remaining Chicago Reader Blogs: Clout City reply:

9. And those blacks who are left behind? Well, they really are too fucking stupid to care about, since they prove, on a daily basis, that they're satisfied with being stupid, taking what meager handouts they can get, for doing nothing, and default to blaming their lot in life on the white man, which, if they weren't so fucking stupid, they'd realize that they have more than enough votes in total to replace every last uncle and aunt tom alderfucker with kick ass, take no prisoners, real black leaders, who'll likely have at least enough power in the city council to force the minority whites to not only provide full city services to the black neighborhoods, but share, involuntarily, all the perks and bennies that the whites now dominate. How many aldermen would it take to stop daley and his crew right in their tracks? (this is not a trick question)

Of course, this would all mean that the blacks on the west and south sides would face the inevitable reality of having to carry their own weight, tax-wise, as the improvements that honest black leaders with balls would be making would have to include real job creation, requiring real job training and real, honest and successful efforts on the part of those being trained, with the subsequent increases in income, property values and individual tax burdens that would follow.

Why aren't black leaders claiming territorial rights to building new businesses on the west and south sides? Businesses that provide more than minimum wage employment?

Why aren't black leaders uniting to use the leverage that private ownership of all that vacant west and south side land provides, in proposing the actually effective use of TIF monies?

Why aren't black leaders touting the skilled and educated work force that the residents of the west and south sides' possess? Or don't the leaders in these black communities believe there are any skilled and educated residents living there?

Why haven't the black leaders insisted that they control and design the inevitable Chicago Casino Complexes, and that they be located on the acres of vacant and easily accessible land bordering the Eisenhower and Dan Ryan expressways?

Oh, that's right, I forgot, there are no black leaders and the black electorate is too fucking stupid to recognize real black leadership, let alone elect them, even if there were any.

You want to talk about 'serious racism', talk to yourself.