Saturday, May 30, 2009

WhatEver Happened To Shooting Out The Tires?

Maybe its just me, but shouldn't they just have shot out the tires. Did they really need to kill this man? Come on People, we are in the worst economy in 95% of our memories, and now becoming agitated now equals death?

Cops chase, kill agitated school bus driver
By Liam Ford and Dennis Sullivan

Chicago Tribune

May 30, 2009

A disgruntled school bus driver led police on a chase through the south suburbs Friday, ramming police cars and civilian vehicles before he was fatally shot by police after driving toward an officer.

Ronald E. Newsome, 35, of the 12100 block of South Wallace Street in Chicago, was shot twice by a South Holland police officer and later pronounced dead at St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights, police said.

A female monitor, the only other person on the bus, was unharmed. Two officers suffered minor injuries not related to the shooting, and some people in the vehicles hit by the bus were hurt but apparently not seriously.

Police would not say whether Newsome was armed, but South Holland Police Chief Warren Millsaps justified the shooting.

It was unclear why Newsome was upset. Police said his manager at First Student Bus Co. described him as acting "erratic and threatening" when he arrived at the bus yard in South Holland about 7:30 a.m. Friday. Told not to drive, Newsome took a bus, with the monitor onboard, and allegedly tried to hit co-workers, police said.

Police said Newsome went north to Riverdale, where he was temporarily stopped by police at Sibley Boulevard and State Street before driving through South Holland, Thornton and Glenwood, hitting at least three squad cars and about three civilian vehicles.

Surrounded by police near Main and North Main Streets in Glenwood, Newsome accelerated, and an officer fired twice, police said.

The bus normally carries special-needs students. The company said Newsome had driven since March and had cleared criminal and other background checks.

Liam Ford is a Tribune reporter; Dennis Sullivan is a freelancer. Tribune reporter Sally Ho contributed to this report.

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