Tuesday, May 19, 2009

University of Chicago Clinic Closing

It is a sad commentary on the mindset of people who are on goverment assisstance when they belive that the same services and benefits private insurance pays for is what they will get with their "Medical Card" from the state. It was pretty sad to see the women who normally went to the UOC clinic acting as if they were entitled to the medical service and how they didn't want to go to the other "free" clinics because they weren't as nice.

Our current economic situation is going to have to bring about a whole bunch of new realities to people who have been sucking at the tit of the taxpayers. The free ride is over. A medical card is not Blue Cross Blue Shield. You cannot get pricy care with your state medical card when the taxpayers are becomming fewer and fewer as layoffs take place.

It is time if we want premium health care to pay for it and to support it. Otherwise Provident Hospital would have never been sold to the county. If you can pay for cell phones and lace hair weaves, you can pay for medical care.

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