Saturday, November 29, 2008

Will The Obamas Spark An Insurgence Of Marriage In The Black Communiyt

It was just about 25 years ago that the Bill Cosby Show first aired. Who amongst us can remember the controversy that that show caused? Why? Because we had a successful married couple (doctor and lawyer) who led a very upper middle class life and after the black community only knowing shows like Good Times or Standford and Son or if middle class then there had to be an element of ignorance like in The Jeffersons. So Cosby came forth with a comedy that wasn't the head rolling and booty shaking.

Now fast forward and we have two successful lawyers, although one has spent most of his time as a politician becoming the new first family. They married FIRST, then waited a number of years before they had a child and then four more years later a second child.

We are seeing a married black couple, in love and one that unlike some previous presidential families, really in love with each other. Now there were other first families where I have no doubt the husband loved the wife, but those couple were so much older that if they had their own bedrooms in the white house, it seems understandable.

While watching the Barbara Walters interview, the love between Michelle and Barack is quite obvious. But going even younger, I was watching the Beyonce video Single Ladies and to hear a hit song telling men "IF YOU LIKE IT YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT A RING ON IT" is quite refreshing.

Only time will tell if there is going to soon be an insurgence of marriages, but I hope there will be.

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Number80 said...

I don't want to draw any correlations on this one, but I remember hearing basically the same theme directed at society in general back in 1980 when John Lennon put out his Double Fantasy album.