Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who Should Replace Barack Obama in the Senate

Now that Louie Gutierrez has taken himself out of the running (and trust me I've been ROFL at the though that he even considered himself near the race) who would or should be the replacement senator.

Congressmen Danny K. Davis or Jesse Jackson Jr? I'd take Danny Davis on Jr. There's an old saying that "if you lie, you'll steal". His push for the Peotone airport while dismissing advocating the building up of the Gary airport, his lies about his weight loss (remember he claimed he got a shot in the butt) then was forced to admit he had some sort of gastric bypass for barely being 50 - 60 lbs overweight all lead me to not have a very high opinion of him.

Now there are those who criticize Danny Davis. But every Sunday you can call in to the radio station 1450AM from 10 - midnight and confront him over the air. That alone says to me he has been and would continue to be a very accessible senator.

I don't know much about Tammy Duckworth. But her name has positive name recognition.

Any suggestions?

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