Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Most Fascinating Reality Show

I am not a big TV person. In truth, I've never even had cable. I have over the years enjoyed several reality shows. The Apprentice gave everyone a look into the creative world of business. America's Next Top Model showed the world that modeling is a lot more than just being a pretty face. But for the past few days I have set transfixed in front of my computer watching what for me should me mandatory for every young man in America who longs for the Gangsta lifestyle. The series, From G's to Gents at first appeared to be another silly reality show. It revolves around 12 G's (gangstas) who want to change their behavior and become gentlemen. But as the series progresses, the raw emotions and truths that come out is fascinating. Not only for the individual members, but the relationships between the men.

So check out: G's to Gents

Tell me what you think after watching a couple of episodes.

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