Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Can Obama Do A Special Message To School Children?

For the next few months, President-elect Barack Obama will be very busy picking and finalizing those who will run certain positions during his presidency.

One of the things that is most needed considering President Obama's ability to attrack the attention of young people is to give them their directives. Primarily and foremostly being that they need to begin focusing on their education - right now!

As anyone who has followed this blog or my column in the Austin Weekly News knows, I believe in education. But what I don't buy into are those who first whip the black community up into a frenzy and then deflate us like the air leaving a balloon so that we sputtered in all different directions, sometimes landing safely on the ground, but more often than not hitting every obstacle along the way while they themselves safely parachute to land.

When Barack Obama tells the story of his mother waking him up at 4:30am to go over his lessons, I wonder how many parents really hear the message he sent. That is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to add to the education lessons of their children. CPS cannot along do it all.

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