Saturday, November 29, 2008

What Wild Animals Are Living In Your Neighborhood?

For at least the last six years, I have had a Possum living somewhere near my home. The other night my son came running into my room and told me to follow him. We went out on the balcony and walking my neighbor's back sidewalk was a huge white possum with a long pinkish -rey tail. The possum is huge - so it is obviously able to feed quite well in my neighborhood.

A few years back I was driving west on a sidesteet near my home and saw an animal crossing the street. Wow, rats I thought. But upon closer inspections, it was a family of brown bunnies.

What have you seen in your neighborhood?

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Number80 said...

I have a momma rabbit that has babies at the side of my yard every spring. Then she eats my tulips.

We've had possums galore and just recently woke up to the wonderful aroma of a skunk that somehow got in my back yard and sprayed my dogs. That's the gift that keeps on giving.

By the way, miss you on Les' board.