Sunday, November 02, 2008

Todd Stroger Must Be Starting His Reelection Campaign

This man who helped usher in the highest taxes on goods in the country is now concerned about taxpayers loosing their homes? BS!

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger spoke at Rainbow/PUSH headquarters, 930 E. 50th St., Saturday, standing with the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition in the face of a Wall Street financial meltdown, trying to help homeowners stay in their homes and keep communities stabilized.

Stroger and Jackson lead participants in a petition signing that calls for a statewide moratorium on home foreclosures. Stroger has been co-sponsoring and promoting workshops across the county to offer counseling and mortgage help to homeowners at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure, an effort he expects to continue for as long as homeowners need assistance during the housing crisis.


Brian said...

Arlene, Stroger only needed the sales tax to help pay for expenditures that the WHOLE BOARD had already approved. Yes this protect is genuine and has helped hundreds of people. Give the man credit. Why not go after your westside alderman who voted with the Mayor the the 8.75 percent of that sales tax that you are mad about.

Arlene Jones said...

All are fair game. But I found it interesting that Stroger was at MT. Olive on Saturday talking about people losing their homes, but when he was running, I saw him at a fundraiser at the Merchandise Mart and brought up my favorite topic at the time. If property values and hence property taxes go up based on a real estate transactions, what safeguard is there in place to prevent two people from lying and claiming they sold a bungalow on my block for half a million dollars when in reality not a single time had transpired between them.

Stroger nodded his head and said it was an "interesting" question and he would have to ponder it.

I am not letting the three musketeers; Mitts, Carothers and Smith off the hook. I want them to
begin to advocate for the ending of TIF money from the special slush fund where it sits back into the general revenue fund to offset the never ending tax increases that are hitting so many homeowners.

Rudy said...

Generally speaking, people must learn to not vote straight Democratic their entire life and not elect the same crooks continuously.