Sunday, November 02, 2008

Should The State Of Illinois Remove the Moritorium on the Death Penalty

I am haunted by the death of Julian King, a 7-yr-old who I never met but fell in love with looking at his photos, his eyes so wide with wonderment of a world that he has yet to explore.

That image is then juxtaposed with the absolute horrific fear that that child must have gone thru in the moments before his death. His crime? To be caught in the middle of adult mess and to have his life stuffed out by PUNKS who cared enough about their own butts so as to not want to get caught, but didn't care enough about a child to let him live.

Currently in Illinois, our death penalty is on hiatus after too many men on death row were found to be innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted. But as we sanitize our criminal justice system with "phony judge shows" on TV, our legal system is becoming more and more a joke as people believe they can go into court and have their say with the same sassiness that is displayed on Judge David Young, or Judge-this-one or Judge-that-one.

I for one am a proponent of resuming the death penalty so that the FOOLS who killed the Hudson family can meet their maker thanks to the State. I want revenge and I want blood. I want them taken to Daley Plaza and hung from a noose until they are dead. I want public executions, because the electric chair and gas chambers are giving too much humane treatment to those who have shown their inhumanity.

We are raising a generation of young people some of whom have the most warped perspective on life. They don't plan on living beyond 25 and therefore are willing to do and act anyway, because in their young and ignorant minds, they have nothing to lose. How else can we explain the type of animal that would kill a little boy by shooting him twice in the head? I give all honor to God to send those fools to purgatory. I just want to be part of the group that make sure they meet their maker.

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Rudy said...

Yes, because most (if not all) of the pardoned are career criminals who repeat the same crimes continuously. The death penalty won't prevent the first murder, but it sure prevent all future murders by that criminal. The preachers like to quote the Bible, but many of them overlook the next page where God says send the murderers to me.