Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama Relative In The Country Illegally

Obama Aunt

I am not a proponent of Illegal Immigration or a supporter of Illegal Aliens. The story regarding a distant relative of Obama, a half-sister to his father who he only saw for 30 days as a child, is not one that changes my mind.'

In a time where we have seen our entire banking system almost go under due to short-sighted and irresponsible loans in the housing market, can this country absorb illegal aliens who on top of everything else go on the public dole?

I wonder what American citizen didn't get the chance to live in Public Housing while this woman did? I feel no morale or legal obligation to have her remain here while I watch Seniors and especially elderly veterans who gave this country their all and they don't get a public housing unit.

I am especially hard on people who came into this country on a tourist visa and then stayed. If this continues, many countries will soon send their elderly here and then want us to nurse them or care for them.

Zeituni Onyango should do us all a favor and self-deport!

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Rudy said...

Obama is very lenient on illegal aliens.