Friday, October 31, 2008

Profiting off of the Hudson Murders

There appears to be two entities working on getting "donations" in regards to the victims in the Hudson murder case.

First off, I am no longer a spring chicken so my thought processes go along with my middle age. But even with that, I was preplexed as to the request made by a "friend" of the Hudson family to get Tommie Harris to donate a jersey for a memorial for Jason Hudson. Huh????? I mean its not as if Jason was a future linebacker or died in a tragedy related to football. That jersey may just end up on the back of someone else. Here's that story.

There also seems to be some competing "memorial" funds being set up. The first is the Hudson-King Domestic Violence Protection Fund

Now I'm seeing a second fund being set up as Hudson-King Fund.

With the police now stating that Julian was killed in his uncle's SUV, what could have prompted him to go outside in his sleeping attire (due to his size it makes sense for him to sleep in basketball type shorts and a t-shirt as pajamas)? What would have cause him not to scream and holler as soon as he was outside to attract some sort of attention? Was there someone who was very familiar to him in the car already????

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