Monday, October 27, 2008

How could the Tragedy Happen to the Hudson Family?

I've been browsing the internet to find out all I could about the Jennifer Hudson tragedy. I've also been listening to the radio. One of the least surprising things is that in the aftermath of a tragedy, as a community, we don't want any discussions held.

What do I mean? Well a young lady called into WVON and gave a genuine list of concerns about why a mother would marry someone just out of prison? William Balfour is 26 and spent 7 years in jail. That means he was just 19 yrs-old when he went to prison. He spent his initial adult years locked away and now comes out and is expected by Julia Hudson to turn into her man and father to her child????

But even more disturbing to me is the press conference that Julia Hudson held. She says and I paraphrase that "if you have a beef with me, take it up with me". Is she responsible for bringing this tragedy home to her family???? Also note the "you all"? Sorry, but the reason for her lack of tears is that she knows something or the reason that her family was targeted! press conference video

One of the issues within some parts of the black community is that in order to truly resolve an issue, we must address the issue. We cannot continue to place things in the "we will worry about it later" category and not expect that things will happen in the meantime. And to all those who brought teddy bears and fake flowers to a memorial, instead of bringing those items to line a fence, get some brooms and shovels, lawnmovers and garbage cans and clean up our neighborhood and remove the overgrown weeds and brush that is the perfect cover for criminal activity.

The Hudson family home also looked in dired need of repair. Come on people, a BBQ grill in the front yard, overgrown weeds around the broken down chain link fence all around adds to the 'ghettoization" of a neighborhood! Was any of them using Jennifer's fame and ever increasing pocketbook to pretend to be something that they weren't?

Another interesting point is what I took from a Sun-Times story. Here the part that is really bothering me. "Jason Hudson had been living at the family home after being shot about two years ago during a home invasion at a suburban home, Buckner said. Jason Hudson was shot in the leg, and had been recovering." What is unclear is whether Jason was doing the home invasion or his home was invaded. But which ever is the case, Jason and Julia's activities will need to be investigated. Here's the Sun-Times story.

And lastly, there should be a huge outcry over any 7 yr-old who weighs in at 130 pounds! That in itself is child abuse!

From now on if the black community is to take something from from these horrific murders, let it be that we all dial 911 when we hear shots fired.

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