Friday, October 31, 2008

Hudson Funeral To Be Private, But Should It Be?

I have no idea what its like to have three family members brutally murdered. Of all the victims of that violence, I know that Julian King was the most innocent.

I wish Jennifer had the courage of Mamie Till. When her son was brutally murdered in Mississippi, Mamie didn't hide his battered and bruised body. Instead she wanted the world to see what racism could do to a child.

I wished Jennifer and her family had the same sort of strength to allow the funerals of her relatives to be public so that the entire world can see what crime in the black community can do to child.

I cannot imagine the anguish that Julian King had to go through before someone took a gun and SHOT A 7-YR-OLD-CHILD in the head multiple times. What sort of animal was running our streets that can do that to a child?. Mamie Till didn't have celebrity status to highlight the violence that was imposed upon her son. It's nice that Jennifer Hudson has established ANOTHER fund, but in my opinion, what the black community needs is an IN YOUR FACE REALITY CHECK!

Yes, Jennifer and Julia Hudson have the right to privacy. But what happened to their family has made it public. They right now have the type of publicity and center stage that money cannot buy. Just like Mamie Till showed the world and screamed the loudest, "LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO MY SON", Jennifer has the opportunity to point at Julian's casket and shout, 'LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO A CHLD"!

And until the black community has an up front in your face opportunity to really see what violence does, we will shed a few tears, get a bunch of stuffed animals for a so-called memorial and yet days later we will return to doing what we've been doing because in order to change, we need a shock moment to embed itself forever in our memory to say and mean, "enough is enough"!

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