Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

Before Sarah Palin was recently "outed" for having had the RNC buy her $150,000 worth of clothes, there were news reports out about how she had broken free from her handlers and did several impromptu press conferences.

As I watched and read the news report about those impromptu talks with the press, the first thing that came to my mind was of a person who was starting the process of bailing ship before it sank. If Palin is to remain on the national scene after this election (yeah I already predicted McCain would lose the elections back in May of this year) she is gingerly stepping out so that people can get to know her apart from the McCain campaign.

I can't guarantee the effect the news about how WardRobeGate or TrooperGate will affect her in the long run. But as a woman, when we've been cornered and kept in a state of subordination by a man, we look for every chance to break free. That is what I see Palin doing. I see Sarah Palin as a master manipulator of what she does know. And she's pretty good at throwing words around in a nonsensical fashion that sounds good until you sit back and realize that she hasn't said anything of substance.

One friend feels that Palin will be around in four years to run again and she will be a formidable opponent once she has grasped the issue. I'm not feeling that. In fact in today's Washington Post story Sarah is quite proud to have once been called a "redneck".

Her response was cute, but then when you begin to really think about it, the "racist" brush that McCain/Palin ticket painted themselves with is beginning to look more realistic with every misstep the woman takes.

I don't know how much schooling Sarah Palin needs, but she still can't get right the proper definition of what the VP jobs consists of. Anyone who has watched the TV show 24 remembers how the VP declared the president unfit and then took over. Sarah is a very scheming woman. Can't you see her declaring McCain to have Alzheimer and then making herself president?

November 4th closing time of the polls for the entire country cannot come soon enough for me.

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