Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hudson Family Murders - Drug Hit Gone Bad?

Yesterday in a phone coversation, I mentioned that the Hudson family murders probably involved more than one person. Today it seems that the news reports are saying the exact same thing.

The more information that is slowing being released about Jennifer Hudson's family, the more the stench on certain members is becoming unbearable.

In 2002, a raid was conducted at the Hudson home and Julia, Jason and Julian's Dad Gregory King were all arrested. Here's a link to that story. Hudson Home Drug Arrest.

When Julian King's body was found, he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Now it was damn cold on Friday. What would possess a child to go out in the cold with so little on? Was there someone he knew in the car? And why did they cut off his hand? Yes, several papers are reporting that Julian had a hand cut off. Julian Severd Hand Story. Was that a message to Julia?

The stench from 7019 S. Yale is getting worst.

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