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In my professional career I was an Editor, Account Manager and Columnist for the "world famous" Hollywood Gazette Newspaper before they closed their doors. I thought I saw it all but Illinois Political Corruption makes Bernard L. Madoff look like a MONK! Regardless of "selective" surveys that says Illinois not in the top corrupt states.

I checked out an "editorial page" by Publisher Hermene D. Hartman in the newspaper. Some of her points I agree on, some I do not. Let's visit a few of those delicious issues. She first discriminates [like most people do] about Republicans. She points out a truck load of reasons [in her opinion] why the Republicans want the seat and "they" are ONLY doing this and that to SENATOR Roland Burris because they want the seat. Yeah right, as if every body else in the Illinois Political "gutter" is not gunning for that historical seat too.

I am a proud REPUBLICAN and that will never change.

I support Roland Burris as a friend and from where I sit; the law is on his side. You only commit perjury if you "intentionally" make a misstatement under sworn oath during testimony. Senator Burris ONLY answered what he was asked. If Roland Burris was not fully and completely asked extensive, detailed, probative, grueling, direct questions with the 'any and all' inclusive directive; then the error lies within that body or official doing the questioning and the "finger should be pointed in that direction [hello Senator Durbin]" not at Senator Burris and say he is deceptive because he did not tell his life story on the stand and rattled on and on and on.

A very close friend of mine whom made his transition from this earth was a great historical lawyer and did what his client paid him to do [regardless of the outcome and the unintelligent client that did not have the common sense to learn he got the PASS of a lifetime and stay out of trouble] always said, "Race plays a part in everything you do." Here, it does--is--and will apply to Senator Burris.

In the Illinois 'tight' and ferocious political circle; you must be as well connect as Attorney Lisa Madigan to father Mike Madigan [Illinois Speaker of the House and classmate to most of the Illinois Supreme Court Justices]; Burris is not.Another lawyer in Illinois [EdwardVrdolyak who is White] did a lot of inappropriate things that cost him his law license and through years of litigation, he walked away with no pressure from the public or hounding by the media [unlike Burris who is Black]. That's just how things go in Illinois but that's also how things go in life too. The ONLY thing you can do when you are the underdog and the minority is to fight back legally and fight back hard.

I am disturbed but not surprised by another editorial opinion [by Arlene Jones of a free throw away local newspaper] whom attacked Senator Roland Burris' character without personal knowledge of all the facts. Summing up his appointment as "tarnished" because she believes he was deceptive in the process to his appointment. As righteous as this opinion is from this free throw away local newspaper; no one on this earth is God and able to judge anyone. Respectfully disagreeing [even in journalism would demonstrate perfection in your craft--a thing or two I learned in undergrad, grad school and at the newspaper].

From a realistic point of view, even the first Black United States President made a few errors [in appointments] and was accountable as stated so [he too is a lawyer and a Harvard man]. I do not believe that is the extent of the errors of appointments though [some transplanted from this corrupt state of Illinois]; however, that's the way life goes. First and foremost, everyone MUST stop pointing fingers and give EVERYONE the chance to defend themselves and put all the muddled slop on the tape for close scrutiny [OMG that won't happen . . . this is Illinois politics we're talking about].


First off, I must say, "hmmmm, must have hit a nerve!".

This woman Jane proclaims to be a proud republican. I can see from her personal attack on a newspaper that is serving a community free of charge is telling in her judgemental (remember she says no one should judge except God and then anoints herself a deity to judge. CAN WE ALL SAY HYPOCRITE????

It appears "JANE" doesn't agree with my viewpoint on Roland Burris slithering to get the senate seat. Sorry, but his actions are no better or different than his appointer. Plus, if his co-senators decide to ignore him, which I understand they did at President Obama's speech, Roland is in for a very lonely existence. A junior senator doesn't have any power especially when they are a junior and novice.

Will Roland's vote really be that important? Well time will tell. But will his be the courted voted or can they expect his vote regardless because in his being ineffective in the seat, what does he have to leverage with? He won't get elected to the seat in 2011. He doesn't have the support of the MAJORITY OF ILLINOIS VOTERS. What he offers will be a filler- something that just holds the space.

Roland Burris is a nice man. But his quest for his own glory is at our expense!

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Rudy said...

Jane muddles her Burris' friendship with political views. With politicians, personal friendships and politics are best left separate. :)