Sunday, February 15, 2009

Encourage your Child to be a Page during the Obama Administration

To Counselors and Educators:

Please share this information with friends, family and potential US House of Representatives Page candidates. The honor of serving as a
Page during the Obama administration will be an invaluable experience.

Help identify students to participate in this enlightening educational Opportunity.

Pages have been serving the House of Representatives for nearly two hundred years. Working as a team, Pages assist Members with their legislative duties, deliver correspondence and small packages within the congressional complex, answer phones in the Member cloakrooms, and prepare the House Floor for sessions.

High school juniors with a GPA of 3.0 or higher in core academic subjects may apply to work as Pages in the U.S. House of Representatives for a fall or spring appointment. There is no GPA requirement for Pages who work during the summer semester. While serving the House, Pages live in Washington D.C., at the Page Residence Hall, a few blocks away from the Capitol. During the academic year, Pages attend classes at the House Page School. Pages must be sponsored by a Member of Congress and be at least sixteen years old on the date they begin their term. All communication regarding the Page program must be made through the applicant¢s sponsoring Member.


During the academic year, Pages are required to attend the Page School, in addition to their responsibilities as support staff to the Members of The House of Representatives. Pages live in the Page Residence Hall and Receive a monthly salary. The following guidelines apply to all Pages:

· Pages are required to maintain a neat appearance and a hairstyle that Is appropriate for a business environment.

· Pages must also wear ID Badges and uniforms at work and school.

· House Pages follow the House Calendar, which is subject to change. Plans and airline tickets may have to be changed or canceled if the House calendar dictates it. Never purchase non refundable tickets based on the tentative calendar in the Page Handbook.

· Pages are permitted to return home only on weekends when there are no Washington Seminars, except in cases of a family emergency.

· Pages will be unable to leave the Page Program to attend family, home school, or Community activities or functions if they occur during the school or Workweek.

· Pages earn $20,181.00 annually, with a monthly gross salary of $1,681.75. Automatic deductions are made for federal and state taxes, Social security and the Residence Hall fee.

· Pages are paid on the last working day of the month

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