Saturday, February 28, 2009

Todays Special on Barack Obama on Channel 7

Harry Porterfield did a special today on Barack Obama. What was most interesting was a comment made by both Timuel Black and Jesse Jackson Jr. As they spoke of Barack Obama in terms of his agressive pursuit of moving up the political ladder, they in essence said that many had felt Barack Obama was going too fast, he wasn't waiting his turn in line.

That is the problem that I see going on in the black community and is at the essence of why the black community is SOS (STUCK ON STUPID). If we have to allow those to get their "turns" then we will continue getting the same type of politician doing the same type of thing keeping us in the same time of situation.

Sorry folks, but I beleive in CHANGE. I don't vote for someone just because they wear the ASS on their label. I don't trust domeone just because they carry an elephant in their trunk.

If we continue to send messages to children that their future is limited to the next in line concept, we will always stay in trouble!

And that attitude is the exact reason that so many are supporting Roland Burris. He has been given his turn and we all are suppose to line up behing him and applaud. Sorry folks, there are some younger, smarter and better candidates in the line and I won't jump on the rah-rah bandwagon for Roland.

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