Saturday, February 07, 2009

Is it Really That Easy To Spot A 14-Yr-Old?

Years ago I knew a young man who always acted as if he were the security person at Lafollette Park. He would in the summer wear fatigues, t-shirt and carry around his waist a belt that looked like he had some sort of pepper spray weapon. The point is that he was 14-yr-old but his mannerism always gave off the illusion that he was much older. At least 20-yrs-old.

Vicent Richardson fooled a lot of people because no one was looking for him to be other than what he appeared to be. If JFed and now the aldermen are going to go ballistic on what Vicent pulled off, we the citizens of Chicago need to make sure that those at the top, who are compensated the most are the first to take the blame.

Plus, just because two people sit in a car together, that doesn't mean they have to talk to each other. I wonder how many of our aldermen never speak to each other?

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