Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sadly, they didn't have to look far to find this sister

I must confess. I watched the latest reality show from Tyra Banks & Aston Kutcher. True Beauty is the name. As expected, they had their token black man and black woman.

It's rough on reality shows when they only have one. The sister is very pretty. But unfortunately, she was the epitome of a beautiful black woman with an attitude.

Now all of her vane behavior was "understandable" to me. She was no different than any of the other female "beauties". But when the last challenge came and she failed it, that was hurtful. The challenges are unbeknownst to the contestant, because what the contestant are vying for is inner beauty.

So what was the last challenge that she failed? Well she had to enter a building to hear her results, but as she arrived at the front door, there was a delivery guy with about 8 cups of coffee in holders trying to get through the door. Did sista girl open the door for the delivery guy? Yes she did. But she also walked in first and didn't bother to try and hold the door open for the man, a basic common curtesy.

As we watch the Obama take the white house with class, I hope it spreads to a lot of young people. Especially our young black men and women who just one generation away from me seem to need a lot of the manners that their parents probably failed to instill in them.

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