Sunday, January 04, 2009

WestSide House of Squalor or Just Poverty?

I was very suspicious in my first reading of this story. I posted at Sun-Times website. Now Trib shows photo and yes, there isn't much, but calling it a house of squalor is very much a stretch. My wood floor when I pulled up tile and carpeting looked just like that. But one pass with a sander and the entire floor looked brand new.

We are going to find a lot of poor people today. You all remember they were the ones no one talked about during the presidential campaign. But with a city, county and state that is doing nothing but coming up with a way to tax us more, I am hopeful that real patriots will do like those at the Boston Tea Party.

Now I am not excusing or condoning anything that those parents did that were wrong, but I don't believe the police report. No running water, well yeah the toilet won't be flushed. But where is all the squalor the police claimed?

And if all my taxes don't solve the problem, then stop taxing me for it. Better I give my money directly than allow the state morons known as our Ill General Assembly to get their grimy paws on my money.

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