Thursday, October 29, 2009

Parents of Greg Brooks Speak Out

Link to video

So they didn't raise a monster? I suggest they take a few minutes and check out their little darling's MySpace page. After I counted over one hundred photos just on the main page of his gang signs picture, I think they need a reality check! They are in denial - big time. Their son is a thug. A gangsta. A hoodlum!

How can those parents admit their child was involved but didn't do any shooting???? Therein lies the problem. According to the report, they were only able to speak with their son for a few minutes, so how do they know???? The Brooks seem like nice people, but that MySpace page says there a lot of work that they should immediatlely begin putting into their two remaining sons that won't be spending 130 years in jail.

I'm in sync with Theodore McClendon. Greg Brooks had a lot of love, but no upbringing!

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Anonymous said...

Actually there are no gang signs on his Myspace page, they are signs of the nieghborhood he is from!! Reconize the actual facts;