Monday, October 26, 2009

The Other Half of Dumb and Dumber - Greg Brooks

Dumb and Dumber

And in his own words from his MySpace page:
check it out my name on the verge of going to college... ima cool dude once you get to know me... i like kickin it with different types of people... i do what ever i like ,when i like ... i took my first breath in the world August 25th,1991... yeah thats right im a nineties baby... the main people i kick it with is verchon, smick, vernon, and my nigga remy these my niggas/family...these my ride or die niggas cuz we do get down out here....i was born and raised in inglewood/southside of the city... im in love with the game basketball this is a big part of my life... i live, eat, sleep, and breath basketball....i rest my head in hammond,indiana.............

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