Friday, October 02, 2009

Our Lost Olympic Bid

There are no tears streaming down my face from this. In truth, I woke up this morning feeling like President Obama being summoned to Copenhagen only to find out that his appearance didn't really change the minds of the IOC was just a ploy to embarass him and have him taken down a notch on the world's stage . Yes he was in a catch-22 dilemma. The first American president to appear before the IOC and now the first president to be ignored by the IOC.

For years, the city has ignored the South and West Sides of Chicago with the total emphasis being on downtown and the Near North Side. Even the new children's museum overlooked a site on the south side so as to place it in Grant Park.

Don't forget that this is the same city that refuses to put a damn Wal Mart on the south side. Can you imagine the Olympics in town and they couldn't even find a Wal-Mar south of Division and north of 95th street.

Come February, 2011 I urge all of Chicagoans to have an OLYMPIC EVENT by running, walking, slipping, sliding, snowboarding, skiing, ice skating and whatever else is needed and get to the polls and vote for a new mayor.

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