Thursday, September 04, 2008


Damn, no sooner that it had gotten started the boycott is over. But wait! The original reason for the boycott was Blago not living up to his promises. He hadn't met with Meeks and like a "pissing contest" Meeks got mad and found a bunch of westside ministers and a few southside ones and they created Save our Schools.

So now that Blago says he won't meet with Meeks while the boycott is in effect, Meeks backs down and calls it off? Give me a freaking break.

This stunt and it was a stunt is the reason that we as black people don't get ahead. If I had had the opportunity to tell them what they should have done, they should have bused those children to Walter Payton,
Whitney YOung, Northside Prep, Disney, etc and demanded that those children be enrolled there since those schools don't seem to suffer the infamous "funding problem".

One other thing, when the LSC elections come up again, Save our Schools had be at the forefront of getting parents and local community residents involved in the schools.

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