Friday, September 12, 2008


When I watched her on World News Tonight, I must admit that I held my breath the entire time. Not in awe, but in astonishment as to the IGNORANCE of that woman.

She didn't know what the BUSH DOCTRINE WAS!!!! Her responses were full of code words like "the terrorist" and when asked if Israel could do a premptive strike against IRAN, her response was that it is not our job to "SECOND GUEST" them!!!

OMG, that woman repeatedly tried to dodge or not answer questions. That woman has managed to combine Reagan's Alzheimer's presidency and Bush's moronic foreign diplomacy all into one!

Then I tuned in to watch Nightline. The portioned that were shown on World News scared me about Sarah Palin. Now seeing the entire first part of the interview, I'm petrified.

This woman has no idea of the delicate foreign policy dance one must perform in a world where we can no longer just see it as first world and third world. Technology has offered an equality over the past 30 years that has never before been seen during the entire history of this planet. No longer can America be a bully and force others just to wily-nily do as we want.

Anyway, Palin's response to Global Warming is as convuluted as one can get. Rather than being decisive, she's deceptive. She knows little and is using the current republican strategy of referring to "the terrorists" and "evildoers". The woman likes the stage she has been thrust upon, unfortunately her performance such as her wanting to ignore Russia not wanting Georgia or the Ukraine in NATO and dismissing the complexities of it is alarming.

Part of the problem with the cowboy antics of bush is that it doesn't work. No longer can America scare lesser nations with our powers especially in light of the fact that we are unwilling to use it and others know it.

Palin is a great speech reader. But on her own toes, she is an amoeba minus one cell!

I have a new name for McCain/Palin. Mr. Magoo and Gidget!

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