Friday, November 20, 2009

Kellogg Black Alumni Honor The Andersons

The Andersons are the couple out of Oak Park who chose to "buy black only" for one year. That year is coming to an end and I was invited to hear their story as the Black Alumni from Kellogg honored them.

Mrs. Anderson is a dynamic speaker and should she decide to run for office (take heed Danny K Davis, Don Harmon, LaShawn Ford and Earlean Collins) you all would loose big time!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Jones,

Would you find it offensive if I as a white person decided to shop "white only?" I find it offensive when I see signs that say "black owned" in a store. Does that mean they only want black customers? Why can't we all just shop "American" only?


Arlene P Jones said...


The majority of whites do shop "white only". They live in a predominately white community and shop at the stores there that are owned by whites.

So when blacks says that we should do the same, shop at stores owned by people from our community, guess what? Those stores don'e exist. And there are a multitude of reasons for it.

The message the Andersons were sending is not for white people. The message is to black people who are the descendants of enslaved Africans to stop the mindset of believing that a store or product offered by another black person is inferior or subpar.

If violence is to end within the black community, then we must build up our economic base by having businesses. And businesses need customers.

I'm doing a column on the Andersons for this coming week. I'll do an indepth analysis at that time.