Thursday, November 19, 2009

Am I the Only One Bothered By This

Now this is just pure speculation on my part, but I find it very interesting that the CPD would begin to track a cell phone signal. Besides the spot where Michael Scott died, it is also the location of the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza.

What if someone were to be on a rendeveouz with their "significant" other and in less than 8 hours of being "out of touch" the CPD starts a search for you?

There are still parts to this puzzel that needs to be addressed.


Anonymous said...

This post makes no sense.

The relatives and friends of Mike Scott think he was murdered and the police are working overtime investigating because of their concerns, are you complaining about police activity?

Youtube joeblow849 is a video taken by a known gang member and murderer, he says he has found religion but who knows what he has found, with epidemic violence in Crook County anybody is a target for robbery, murder, extortion and even slavery.

Teenage girls were freed from slavery in the suburbs where they were forced into prostitution-black teenage girls.

Watch the video mentioned above and stop lying about life on the west side, no longer the best side, now better known as the WILD WEST.

Rudy said...

Am I supposed to sad about this? If I view Michael Scott as a fellow human being, then yes. :)

However, all of us were pawns in some way for Scott. He was ready to make millions (if not billions) by whitewashing the entire westside.
Did you want to lose your home to the Olympics?

Have you seen the Chicago Reader blog post about his involvement (with Davis, Duncan, Hendon) over closing Austin High School. In view of just these two items, I won't be shedding tears over Scott.

The Black Community must stop supporting these wolves in sheep's clothing. The wolves include Hermene Hartman (Daley supporter, since 1983), Elzie Higginbotham, Cecil Butler, Leon Finney, Arthur Brazier, Sr., the other reverends on tv crying racism, while doing nothing about Black on Black Crime and all those do nothing Democrat politicians.

Scott Duncan

Anonymous said...

Rudy said...

The Reverends were in line to make millions if the city had been chosen as host city but they are doing nothing about the epidemic of violence and corruption that is destroying our city.

Citizens need to get involved and vote do nothing legislatures out of office and demand an end to the lawlessness in our neighborhoods.