Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Julia Hudson "HONORED"

I can't even comment on this:


Valentinemartin said...

Arlene, this is a huge insult, saying that you can't even comment is a slap in the face to this poor lady who lost her mother, son and brother to a selfish, lazy, predator who thinks he is entilted to the property of others and is dominant over others, especially females.

This is why there are so many incidents of domestic violence, espcially in the black family where so many children are being raised in single parent homes.

Too many black males think they are entitled because of slavery, lynchings, corrupt judicial systems and a society that says the man is everything and more desirable than the female.

The block of Spaulding where the accused murderer lived is slowly being burned down, especially the 1400 South block where so many predators and murderers and pedophiles lived and assualts on women are commonplace.

Again, shame on you, Arlene, and your headlines state "A newWestside".

PS Action Now (formerly Acorn) has joined the fight to see these sick predators brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

It IS an insult that Arlene says she cannot comment on this.

Ummm, Arlene, have you looked in the mirror lately ? You could have very-well been in the show too.