Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who will replace our AGING ELECTED OFFICIALS?????

I just finished reading Bobby Rush's PRESS RELEASE wherein he states that he has no intentions of giving up his seat. But in a 'shades of HAROLD WASHINGTON' moment, my mind immediately went to who will replace our aging elected officials?

Does Bobby have a 'RIGHT-HAND man or woman' who could step in and fill his seat? What about Danny Davis?

What other aging politician needs to be letting their constituents know who should take over for a "just in case" moment?


Bill Baar said...

Good question... because you look at a lot of these folks and they're a pretty old bunch.

Rudy said...

Generally speaking, Chicago's (usually Democratic) ward and the suburban (township) committeemen pick the successor. Until a special (or the next) election is held, some offices allow an interim replacement.

If a congressperson is jailed or dies, that congressional district might have a vacancy until the next (special) election. In the interim, the now ex-congressperson's staff might handle the cases at the local office, but not vote in Washington DC.