Thursday, May 01, 2008

Illegal Immigration - The Real Agenda

I was watching some of the news report from the marches that happened today. One of the things that struck me is when one of the marchers was interviewed and he said that they too want the American Dream.

Perhaps someone needs to tell him a key component in the American Dream is the paying of fair taxes for services that help my fellow American. I am taxed by the US goverment to give foreign aide to almost every country. What America has done can be emulated by other countries if those here illegally are willing to fight in their native countries. But it is not my job to give to them the American Dream simply because they have snuck across a border and want to demand it from me.

What is it with the signs that ask to legalize everyone? No regards to their criminal histories. That says alot about what those marching think about this country.

Margot Veranes, a volunteer organizer in Tucson, Ariz., - where 12,000 took to the streets last year but early estimates Thursday put the crowd at about 500 - blamed the turnout on aggressive enforcement by Border Patrol and police.
"People have been stopped and deported in the last week. This is a community living in fear," said Veranes, a researcher for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. "You never know when you're going to be stopped by Border Patrol and now the police."
But she said that's also why people were marching.
"We're marching to end the raids and the deportations, but we're also marching for health care and education and good jobs," she said.

Wait a second! First they claimed they do the jobs Americans won't do and now they want Health Care, Education and GOOD JOBS?????????

Can they please ask their home countries about that before standing on American soil and insulting us ?

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