Saturday, July 24, 2010

If She Makes It On The Ballot, Will She Win?

(FOX News Channel) - Wisconsin state legislature candidate Ieshuh Griffin wants voters to know she is "NOT the white man's b*tch" and is NOT happy about being prevented from spreading her message, Fox News Channel reported late Thursday.

Griffin, who is running as an Independent, wanted that statement -- and capitalization -- posted under her name on the ballot for state representative, in the place where the candidate's political party would usually be listed. But the state's Government Accountability Board (GAB) denied her request.

"It's not racist, it's not a slur ... it's not pointed to a particular person. In my point of view, the average politician is a token," said Griffin.

She is now suing on the grounds that her "freedom of expression" is being "suppressed."

GAB spokesman Reid Magney explained why Griffin's request was denied, saying, "Staff determined that her language used on her declaration of candidacy is pejorative in nature and does not satisfy the requirements of Wisconsin statutes."

During a hearing, a board member asked Griffin if she would be satisfied omitting the expletive and simply writing that she was "not under the white man's influence." Griffin did not respond to the query.

Griffin is running to replace State Representative Annette "Polly" Williams, who is retiring after 30 years in office.

Source: FOX News Channel


Advocate Shanika Finley said...

Great story. But I wonder if someone put her up to running?

Rudy said...

Personally, I don't care about Ieshuh Griffin's motto. :)

Griffin's "Independent Democrat" concerns me, because one can't really be both. It's one or the either.

In a way, it reminds of Cedra Crenshaw 's candidacy.

Crenshaw's "Independent Republicant" concerns me, because one can't really be both. It's one or the either. Adding "Tea Party" to the mix causes even more confusion