Wednesday, February 17, 2010

West Chicago Ave Book Event

When I got to the library last night, the librarian immediately told me that they didn't get a chance to promote my visit like they wanted. So she didn't expect anyone to come.

But she did have in her office a young lady from Douglas High School who had read the book. I met Elizabeth and she is a charm. They somehow found my book while browsing the Internet looking for the next book for their bookclub at school. She was radiant as she talked about the book.

It was very interesting to hear that her reading teacher was amazed at all Elizabeth picked up from reading the book. From our conversation, it appears that the teacher never read the book. Elizabeth told me that the teacher thought the book was just about a lottery. But it isn't.

My book is for ages 12 and up. And best of all, the book did what I meant it to do as Elizabeth got it. She liked the story lines. She felt good about the WestSide being portrayed in a positive light. She had another bookclub member said they began searching the internet to see if they could find my character for real because the book felt like they could go to the 4600 block of west WestEnd and find my character Val.

Thank you Elizabeth. It is because of young children like yourself who need to see where they live in a very positive light that I write.

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