Thursday, April 16, 2009

Damn, Now This Child Is Sick

After three days of around-the-clock gambling, Alexis Robinson was ordered to leave the Majestic Star casino.

But when a security guard told her early Monday she couldn't return until that afternoon, "She just stared at him," her arrest report states.

Robinson, 23, of Chicago, was arrested after the guard and Gary police Cpl. Michael Barnes gave her one final chance to leave, but she didn't.

She continued to stand silently, until the officers arrested her, court records state.

"I didn't want to argue with them," Robinson told Gary City Court Judge Pro Tem Itsia Rivera on Monday morning.

Robinson was charged with criminal trespass. Rivera entered a not-guilty plea on her behalf, then questioned her about the incident.

Although the woman admitted she had been told not to return until 3 p.m., "I didn't have papers stating that," she said.

Robinson said she had been gambling almost continuously "like three days," and told the judge she'd been in the casino the entire time without taking a break at the nearby hotel.

"You have a gambling problem," Rivera said.

"If I do, then I have to change," Robinson said.

When Rivera told her she'd need $300 to bond out of jail, she asked if she could leave to go get it.

"I'm trying to get my son out of the hospital," Robinson said.

"You were not with any sick baby," the judge retorted.

Her trial is set for June 15.

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