Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Roland Burris

What is missing in today's world are all those fabulous old sayings that the old people would mutter about the young. It appears that Roland at age 71 didn't listen when he as a young man was probably told; "IF YOU LAY DOWN WITH DOGS, YOU'LL COME UP WITH FLEAS". No matter how innocent and honest Mr. Burris was, his association with the disaster known as our governor is making all those who maintain contact with Blago to come up smelling as bad as he does. (Kind of like accepting a date with OJ Simpson or Drew Peterson. No proof that they killed their wives, but still there's something about them that folks with common sense would know to avoid.)

What is it about some blacks who were once in politics that they worry so little about their legacy that they would be willing to sell their souls to the devil for an ounce of further political success?

At the end of a career, which from all accounts has been stellar, Mr. Burris' response today on TV about accepting the appointment and I paraphrase was "it's nothing illegal that the governor has done". But no mention of the morally wrong asthetics.

Poor Mr. Burris. So warped and wrapped up in himself that he can believe that the taint of Blago won't affect him. But the reality is that it does. Everything that he does will contain a whiff of possible impropriety.

Now on to Bobby Hush. Is there a pay-for-play motive in his new found support for Blago? Could it have anything to do with his son the ex-prison guard sentenced for having sex with a female inmate?

I was disappointed when I saw the black preachers falling all over themselves to get in thru Blago front door to "pray" with him. Now this?

Danny Davis gave an interview where he says he turned Blago down for the job. That means that Roland wasn't even a first choice. How come they couldn't get the entire IL house to agree on Roland being an interim senator until the 2010 elections?

Lastly can't wait for Patrick Fitzgerald to release the tapes. I still want to know who UNDERCOVER BROTHER Jesse Jackson Jr's embassary was. For the life of me, what person could be so familiar with the governor that he could walk into his office and speak so openly????????????

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