Wednesday, October 14, 2009


There is a rumor going around the westside that gang members are having an initition period that includes them killing 141 or 144 women? People have been getting textes about this and others have just been talking. Respond and let me know what you know.


Anonymous said...

My friend works at the City Health Clinic at 18th & Ashland. They found a piece of paper attached to their door today stating something to the effect that on Oct 21st, many women in and around Pilsen will die.
No numbers were mentioned to my knowledge. The police were notified. The women working there are scared!
(FYI - I'm a retired CPD Sgt who saw your comment on Second City Cop)

Anonymous said...

This is a LIE and an attempt to cover up the "war" thugs declared on women in 1993.

Actually women have been targets of cowardly thugs for many years and their slogan was "attack women and you get money and p--sy."

On 14th South Spaulding, thugs were heard taunting "attack women/hos-some of these hos making BIG money and the job making them screw, I will make them screw too."

This was approx. 1993-4.

So this gang initiation is a hoax and cover up as the Klu Klux Klan has reemerge and terrorists run amok, these tough guys have been shown to be BIG COWARDS.